Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sugar Cookies

We have had a lot of celebrations this spring and summer, and we use every one as an excuse to make decorated sugar cookies. All we need is a theme or some color ideas, and we get baking!

 Our extended family welcomed two new baby girls this year. My sister is very lucky to have two new granddaughters! Baby H was born in May, and then Baby E followed in early June. They are both beautiful little girls already, and I see a future full of dress up and tea parties. 

For both showers, we did a tray of onsies and bibs, in pink for girls, and some cookies with the initial of each baby name in colors that coordinated with the baby rooms. Both moms gave us ribbon samples or pictures of bedding and we used those colors as our guide. 
 Mimi Jr. recently said adios to a co-worker, who happens to love all things western. We took this as an opportunity to try some new cookies. We have never made boots or bandannas, but they were fun to do, and now we are ready for any Western themed parties that comes our way. 
for a tutorials on the bandanas   and marigolds
visit The Sweet Advemtures of Sugar Belle 

  We took on the task of cookie baking for a few spring parties hosted by friends, and nothing says springtime like some pretty blooms. It was fun to try new techniques for decorating, and we liked that these are an easy way to add some festivity to the table. 

Zinnias (top)I used a petal tip, with fairly firm icing holding the tip  perpendicular to the cookies surface  Marigolds (bottom)
I followed the tutorial at  sweetsugarbelle 

After four years that simultaneously dragged on and flew by, Mini Me graduated from UCI.

with her BSN.

She worked so hard and I know she will make an amazing nurse. The Mimi's are all very proud of her, and we will continue to supply her with cookies wherever she ends up.
 In just the first half of this year, we have had so much fun making and decorating cookies for friends and family.  I know there are many more occasions in the coming months that will be calling for cookies, and we will gladly get out our rolling pins and piping bags and bake away!

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Link: Foodie Friday