Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is all about traditions.  When our oldest daughter was quite small, we invited several families to join us the first Sunday in December to kick off the Christmas season by making gingerbread houses.  It was an all day event which concluded with a soup dinner. That first year we tried to bake and assemble our houses all in one day.  When the sides caved in, we quickly learned that gingerbread must cure several days,  before building your structure. That was about seventeen years ago.  We still meet the first Sunday in December to build our gingerbread houses and eat soup, but we are not quite so ambitious now, we don't always make our own gingerbread for the houses.  You can pick up pre-baked ones at Target or Michaels, it is how you put them together and embellish them that makes them your own.

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