Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TWD: Cafe Volcano Cookies

 Macduff of  The Lonely Sidecar selected Cafe Volcano Cookies for this weeks recipe. Meringue cookies, filled with toasted nuts and flavored with espresso powder.  These crunch, nutty cookies just crumbled in your mouth.  The recipe is very similar to the spiced nuts that are so popular.  These cookies couldn't have been easier to make and stored in a tightly lidded  tin mine stayed fresh for more than a week.

I used both the almonds and walnuts as called for in the recipe, but next time I would stick with one type of nut. The walnuts completely over powered the flavor of the almonds.   I think a good variation would be to use only almonds, eliminate the espresso and add orange zest.  Also I might chop my nuts a little finer.  If you are a nut lover you will find these cookies suprisingly adctive. If you want the recipe for these nutty cookies drop on over to The Lonely Sidecar.

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