Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tart Tartan

TWD: Tarte Tatin

This week is  the 2nd Anniversary of TWD.    This week's  host and founder Laurie, of slush , chose Tarte Tatin, and/or Cocoa-Buttermilk Birthday Cake.  The choice was ours and  I have to say  for me it was a difficult decision but  I had to choose. I was not going to make them both, even though I wanted to.   I 'm sure I'm not the only one who has gained some extra poundage since starting a blog.  As a blogger you feel a responsibility to keep your blog updated so of course that means more baking and eating.  After all you can't blog about something you haven't tasted can you? So in an attempt to shed some of those extra pounds I chose the Tarte Tatin, apples always seem so healthy, right?

This was a delightful tart.  Easy to make and because it is rustic  there are no imperfections.  I used puff pastry that I had in the freezer, it was crisp and buttery just the right balance for the sweet caramel apples. If you want the recipe for this amazing tart visit  Laurie at slush or you can find it in Dorie's book. A big Thank You to Laurie for getting, and keeping, Tuesdays with Dorie going.

The tarte looked a little lonely and I have that new ice cream machine and a little homemade creme fraiche. So, I added some honey and lemon zest to the creme fraiche and Honey-Lemon ice cream was born.  A nice finishing touch to an extraordinary tart.